Born and raised in La Ceiba, Honduras –from a Cuban father, who ended up in that Central American country as an employee of a U.S. large agricultural firm– and a Honduran mother, George is one of 5 siblings: he being the only male.

At the age of four years, his parents were divorced, with custody going to his mother but, growing up since birth listening to tropical music, especially the old traditional Cuban, Puerto Rican and New York salsa as well as Colombian cumbias and vallenatos, made a great impact on him.

His first experience as a DJ happened at the early age of eleven years, when a Dominican DJ who played in a local San Pedro skating ring befriended me and allow me to spin records in the booth, sometimes for hours, while he gallivanted around chasing the better looking skaters.

Some of his other life experiences included serving for a time in the Honduras army, traveling to the US to be trained in Diplomatic Security Proceedings while still a teen, and working and spinning records in private parties. He moved around more than most, not only with his family but in his different occupations and school requirements.

In 1986, his family moved to California, where he graduated from High School. At That time,he thought of enrolling in College, but his love for music forced him to get jobs in various industries to earn the income necessary to begin a collection of Lp’s first, cassettes later and finally Cd’s.

A lover of most American musical genres, his collection includes music from The Beatles to Michael Jackson, from Beny Moré to Van Van, from Frankie Ruiz to El Gran Combo, from Nelson Pinedo and Joe Arroyo to Grupo Niche, from Johnny Ventura and Wilfredo Vargas to Grupo Aventura and from El General to Daddy Yankee.

Now, through improved technology and the advent of the iPod and digital music and equipment, , he carries a great part of his collection –over  65,000 tunes (or what amounts to over 3,500 Cd’s) from engagement to engagement knowing for sure that he could satisfy most requests with just a flick of his finger.

Living in Southern California, the Latin entertainment has been a part of his life since 1990.  His first job as a DJ was an internship at a DJ school in Hollywood, where he learned the in-and-outs of sound and light equipment and their capabilities while landing  jobs (mostly temporary or seasonal) in various clubs and private events.

Devoted totally to the “spinning” business since 1996, he has performed in many corporate, social and wedding events across the state as well as clubs around the city, experience that has allowed me to gain the awareness required to get people on the dance floor.

Also, being fully bi-lingual (English and Spanish), he is not afraid to get on the mike, which he has learned to use timely and appropriately.

Currently, he performs at El Criollo Restaurant in Burbank, California, where he has been a fixture for the last three  years on Saturday nights, as well as in private parties all over the city.

If interested, or need to know more about his services, availability, repertoire or fees, feel free to contact him by phone, mail or E-Mail, at any of the addresses below.

824 East Colorado Blvd.,Glendale, California 91205
E-Mail: djricubana@msn.com

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